gpgme: how to interpret signature.status / documentation problem

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Fri Jul 4 13:14:12 CEST 2008

On Friday 04 July 2008 12:31, Werner Koch wrote:
> So do you agree that the documentation is outdated at
> > this? I saw the libgpg-error as one possibility, but I've missed the hint
> No, I think the manual is pretty clear about this:
>   @section Error Codes
>   @cindex error codes, list of
>   The library @code{libgpg-error} defines many error values.  Most of
>   them are not used by @code{GPGME} directly, but might be returned by
>   @acronym{GPGME} because it received them from the crypto engine.  The
>   below list only includes such error codes that have a specific meaning
>   in @code{GPGME}, or which are so common that you should know about
>   them.

I disagree, this section above is only instructive
if I already know that I am dealing with an error code. 
That is exactely what I did not clearly understood from section Verify:
     -- Data type: gpgme_signature_t
     This is a pointer to a structure used to store a part of the
     result of a `gpgme_op_verify' operation.  The structure contains
     the following members:
   `gpgme_error_t status'
          This is the status of the signature.  In particular, the
          following status codes are of interest:

               This status indicates that the signature is valid.  For
               the combined   result this status means that all
               signatures are valid.

               This status indicate

Apart from the type "gpgme_error_t" it only talks about "status",
not about an error, which is not wrong, but having a short hint there
would allow readers to make the connection more easily.

Maybe something similiar like
	`gpgme_error_t status'
          This is the status of the signature, 
          provided by gpgme's @xref{Error Handling}.
			 In particular, the following status codes are of interest:

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