BUG?: gpg 1.4.9 --edit-key writes preferences to TTY rather than STDOUT

Adam M. adam at adammil.net
Sat Jul 5 00:21:42 CEST 2008

Most information in the edit menu is written to STDOUT, allowing it to 
be received by programs that are scripting GPG, but the 
keyedit.c:show_names() and show_prefs() functions use tty_printf(), 
which prevents the output from being captured, since the TTY can't be 
redirected (at least on Windows).

Consequently, it seems rather difficult to do something like retrieve a 
user ID's preferred keyserver.

I think only information that merely provides guidance to an interactive 
user should be shown on the TTY, while all information that might be 
usefully captured should be on STDOUT.

-- Adam

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