BUG?: gpg 1.4.9 --edit-key writes preferences to TTY rather than STDOUT

Adam Milazzo adam at adammil.net
Sat Jul 12 07:49:38 CEST 2008

This also prevents adding a key with custom capabilities.

The list of current key flags is written to the TTY, so you can't know
what flags to turn on or off at the keygen.flags prompt.

Adam M. wrote:
> Most information in the edit menu is written to STDOUT, allowing it to 
> be received by programs that are scripting GPG, but the 
> keyedit.c:show_names() and show_prefs() functions use tty_printf(), 
> which prevents the output from being captured, since the TTY can't be 
> redirected (at least on Windows).
> Consequently, it seems rather difficult to do something like retrieve a 
> user ID's preferred keyserver.
> I think only information that merely provides guidance to an interactive 
> user should be shown on the TTY, while all information that might be 
> usefully captured should be on STDOUT.
> -- Adam

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