equivalent to encrypt_filter for decryption

Phil Sutter sutter at informatik.hs-furtwangen.de
Mon Jul 28 16:55:13 CEST 2008


For encrypting generated shares I had a look at sign_file() in
g10/sign.c, which uses the encrypt_filter and now have basic code
encrypting internally available data when writing it out.

The function encode_crypt() in g10/encode.c doesn't use this filter
although it's actually encrypting data, is this because of historical

Now when searching for an appropriate method for decrypting given shares
for recombination I looked at decrypt_message() in g10/decrypt.c and it
seems to be getting really ugly now: do_proc_encryption_packets() is
quite a bunch of code, decrypting data to either opt.outfile or stdout;
But I need the decrypted data internally to send it to the combiner.

Is there any way doing this without reinventing the wheel? I mean,
before I start copying much code only to change certain bits or hacking
up the existing functions (which seems non-trivial here) I find it more
useful to leave it to the user doing the en-/decryption on commandline
(e.g. via pipe: "gpg -d share.pgp | gpg --add-share").

Greetings, Phil
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