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John Clizbe John at
Wed Apr 1 21:38:19 CEST 2009

Mistakenly sent to GnuPG-Users the first time.

Joao Paulo Fernandes wrote:
> > Hi everyboby,
> >
> > Im exporting my gpg key from  my unix server
> > gpg --armor --output "key.txt" --export myserver
> >
> > i import the key.txt in other computer
> > gpg --import key.txt
> >
> > i trust ultimately the myserver key with --edit-key
> > but i still get the error when i try to encrypt files with the key:
> > gpg -r myserver --output "test.gpg"  -e mytext.txt
> >
> > gpg: myserver: skipped: public key not found
> > gpg: mytext.txt: encryption failed: public key not found
> >
> > I saw this is a common error people have but no solution.
> > Somebody could help me ?

gpg --export-secret-keys 0xdecafbad > secret.asc
gpg --export 0xdecafbad > public.asc

On other machine:
gpg --import secret.asc
gpg --import public.asc

FWIW, the GnuPG keyring files {pubring,secring,trustdb}.gpg are binary
compatible. I find it's just as convenient to copy or import entire

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