USB Token for GnuPG

NIIBE Yutaka gniibe at
Wed Mar 11 00:43:22 CET 2009


Werner Koch wrote:
> Cool.  Does that implement the ISO-7816 commands or did you changed the
> GnuPG code?

No changes needed for GnuPG code.  Although it's quite bad code now
(mostly hardcoded, many layer violation, etc.), it implements ISO-7816
commands on top of USB-ICC version A (T=0) protocol.

While we don't change GnuPG, I needed changes for ccid.
I am not that confident for USB-ICC protocol.  I will report again for
details for this bug soon.

FSIJ (Free Software Initiative of Japan) will have a meeting next week
for this USB Token.  After that, I will put current implementation to
our web site.  Note that hardware design is just taken from AVR-USB
project.  Perhaps, I will publish RSA computation code for AVR
separately, it's basically based on the work by Tom St Denis and
heavenly hacked in AVR assembler.

> FWIW, there is a somewhat related project which uses a chip from a regular
> card:

Yes, I know this.  I think that GPFCryptoStick would be good for real use.
FSIJ's USB Token would be a kind of "development reference" or something.

Given this little success, I am considering to implement ECC instead
of RSA, because RSA 1024-bit won't survive so long, and we can expect
less seconds for computation.

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