gnupg-2.0.13: unwanted gcc-ism in source code, and a needed library

Werner Koch wk at
Tue Oct 13 10:00:53 CEST 2009

On Mon, 12 Oct 2009 23:15, beebe at said:

> The gnupg code seems to violate that highlighted requirement, since it
> has subsequent statement like
> 	die ("out of core");
> 	die ("received line too large");
> after the macro definition.  Also, the Standard's syntax description
> does not appear to permit a comma to be omitted before the ellipsis.

Thanks for pointing this out.

> Inasmuch as this is the ONLY file in this gnupg release that uses this
> C99 feature, I suggest that it would be better to remove it, in the
> interests of gnupg being compilable by a wider range of compilers.

Right, our policy is to use C-90 thus vararg macros should not be used.
I replaced that by die_0, die_1 etc, macros.

> Also, linking of this release on Solaris fails with nanosleep()
> unresolved.  Restarting the build with
> 	make LIBS=-lrt

I'll take care of that later.  I also need to read through the reports
you sent me a couple of weeks ago.



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