gpg --list-config change ahead

David Shaw dshaw at
Thu Dec 2 17:16:07 CET 2010

On Dec 2, 2010, at 9:53 AM, Werner Koch wrote:

> Hi,
> In response to Bernhard's question I changed GnuPG 2.1 to print "AES128"
> instead of just "AES".  There is one little problem: shall we do this
> also for the --list-config option?  It will now print
>  $ gpg2 --list-config --with-colons ciphername
>  cfg:ciphername:3DES;CAST5;BLOWFISH;AES128;AES192;AES256;[...]
> instead of 
>  $ gpg2 --list-config --with-colons ciphername
>  cfg:ciphername:3DES;CAST5;BLOWFISH;AES;AES192;AES256;[...]
> Does anyone expect a real problem with this change?  I think the most
> popular user is Enigmail - any problem to expect?

I wonder if it might be worthwhile outputting something like:\


That is, list both AES and AES128.  After all, they are both valid cipher names - they just happen to be the same cipher.  A front-end that just uses this list of strings as possible ciphers would automatically do the right thing here (albeit having two cipher names that do the same thing).


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