Gnuk version 0.4

NIIBE Yutaka gniibe at
Tue Nov 9 07:13:24 CET 2010

Gnuk is a software for USB Token which follows OpenPGP card
specification v2.0.

I released version 0.4 of Gnuk at:

Major changes are:

  * Added DfuSe host program (DfuSe: Device Firmware Upgrade STMicro Extension)
  * Improvement on Flash ROM usage
  * Bug fixes.

2010-10-23, NIIBE Yutaka wrote:
> Unfortunately, it seems (for me) that there is no good Free Software
> tool which supports DFU of STM32.  Perhaps, I will need to write a DFU
> tool by myself.

I wrote the tool because I found that there is no good software even
in the proprietary software world.

There is a severe bug in DfuSe tool on Windows which stops Gnuk
development (or any "real" development).  When the file to be loaded
includes a page filled by 0xff, DfuSe tool on Windows fails to update
flash ROM on target board.  Because of this bug, you could write Gnuk
to your target board only once.  Now, with the tool in Gnuk, you can
update the flash ROM again.

Please visit at for Gnuk news.  Now, it
has index to access all entries.

P.S. I will talk about Gnuk at FOSS Asia:

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