Gnuk change for CCID/ICCD protocol error

NIIBE Yutaka gniibe at
Thu Sep 16 23:44:11 CEST 2010

Werner Koch wrote:
> There is also DWG_Smart-Card_USB-ICC_ICCD_rev10.pdf which seems to be a
> kind of subset to the full CCID specs.  At a quick check I have not
> found a way to distinguish this from the full CCID specs.

I see the point.  I agree that it is good for host side to have a
way to distinguish ICCD only implementation.  If not, ICCD only
implementation should think about interaction based on full CCID
specs.  But, I have not found it, either.

> Agreed.  With the current git I am able to access the card.  However I
> need to see how to get Extended Length APDUs right at CCID level.

I see this point too.  For current gnuk, the information is only
available at OpenPGP card protocol level (by Extended Capabilities).

I thought dwMaxCCIDMessageLength would mention the length at APDU
level, but I needed to limit this value to 64. That's because libccid
seems to interpret this value as maximum size of packet at USB-ICC
level (Bulk-IN/Bulk-OUT message).

Perhaps, it would be libccid which need to be fixed.  I think that the
information of maximum size of packet at USB-ICC level is available in
wMaxPacketSize in the endpoint descriptor.

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