Including gpgme.h fails with i686-mingw-w64

Werner Koch wk at
Tue Apr 5 17:52:12 CEST 2011

On Tue,  5 Apr 2011 10:10, aheinecke at said:

> This is the same on 32Bit Windows but when compiling for x64 it would fail 
> because long is 32Bit on Windows on 64Bit Systems but ssize_t is defined as 
> int64 on 64Bit Systems.

We simply don't support 64 bit windows - yet.

> Why is there ssize_t defined in gpgme and not the one from BaseTsd.h taken?

Because the mingw folks are constantly changing their header files
without proper versioning.  The code we use is based on an older mingw
version or even on my original port of Colin Peter's mingw32.

I can only suggest to stick to the version we are using.  This is the
only guarantee that things are working.  We can't support multiple
incompatible versions of that toolchain.  You should also be aware that
with each release they replace Windows defined function by their own
functions which sometimes breaks assumption we need to make about
windows bugs and in the end results in new bugs.



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