Issue1320: SIGBUS running `gpg-agent --daemon`

Fabian Keil freebsd-listen at
Thu Apr 28 19:20:09 CEST 2011

I ran into but
apparently I'm not allowed to comment there.

I think the problem is caused by this chunk from the
gpgtar backport 4d364ade61952b7:

diff --git a/common/estream.c b/common/estream.c
index 4015905..3ab68b5 100644
--- a/common/estream.c
+++ b/common/estream.c
@@ -368,15 +453,18 @@ static int
 es_init_do (void)
-#ifdef HAVE_PTH
   static int initialized;
   if (!initialized)
+#ifdef HAVE_PTH
       if (!pth_init () && errno != EPERM )
         return -1;
       if (pth_mutex_init (&estream_list_lock))
         initialized = 1;
-    }
+      initialized = 1;
+      atexit (es_deinit);  
+    }
   return 0;

In the "gpg-agent --daemon" case, main() calls pth_kill()
after the client has been forked, so when es_deinit() is
called on exit, acquiring the estream_list_lock seems to
cause pth to dereference a pointer located in a memory
region that has previously been free()'d.

The attached patch (against 2.0.17) prevents the crashes by
not locking the list when flushing the content through es_deinit().
I created it based on the assumption that locking isn't necessary in
that situation, is that correct?

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