GnuPG and OS X

Alexander Willner alex at
Thu May 12 00:11:02 CEST 2011

Hi there,

I just had a very nice talk this evening with Werner Koch and I think
there some points we should discuss between the  GPGTools (OpenPGP for
OS X, and the GnuPG Team. Please reply to all
since not everyone is part of this mailing list.

1. GnuPG 1: If I understood correctly you want to get rid of version
1. From my point of view there are several steps:
1.1. Remove the binaries from
and the prominent links from etc.
1.2. We can clearly state at that using GnuPG 1 is not a
good idea and the user should tell us why he wants to use version 1
instead of version 2.
1.3. We should work together (@Benjamin) on to
provide a simple build script to provide a universal binary (PPC,
32bit, 64bit) for OS X.
1.4. If there is anything where GnuPG2 can't replace GnuPG1: this
issue should be solved.

2. MacGPGME: We (@Roman) are working on libmacgpg to replace MacGPGME
on OS X. There might be valid reasons for that but since MacGPGME is
still under development and should be used on all available platforms,
we should talk about on how to join the efforts.

3. GnuPG for iOS: There might be some more options for us to bring
GnuPG to the iPhone (if we find a developer). Maybe Werner wants to
elaborate a bit on this.

4. PKA and GPGMail/ABKey: There is the desire to simplify GnuPG mail
encryption by integrating the PKA feature into GPGMail and/or GnuPGME.
The idea is to download and use DNS provided keys automatically. I
think we're quite close to this with our implementation.

Just to give you (gnupg-devel) an overview of what we have:

1. A sophisticated key management application:
2. A plugin for the integrated mail application:
3. A port of GnuPG1:
(because some users requested it)
4. A port of GnuPG2: (also
there is no PPC version)
5. A plugin for the global context menu:
6. A simple javascript implementation of OpenPGP for mobile phones:
7. A big installer that includes 1, 2, 4, and 5. It also fixes many
possible issue automatically that a user might have.
8. An implementation of MacGPGME (
and Libmacgpg ( which is used by
all above mentioned tools.

@Werner: I hope I've not forgotten anything.

Best regards and to a successful cooperation, Alex

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