GnuPG and OS X

Werner Koch wk at
Mon May 16 14:54:17 CEST 2011

On Thu, 12 May 2011 00:11, alex at said:

> 1. GnuPG 1: If I understood correctly you want to get rid of version
> 1. From my point of view there are several steps:
> 1.1. Remove the binaries from

I just did that.

> and the prominent links from etc.

It currently reads:

  GnuPG comes in two flavours: 1.4.11 is the well known and portable
  standalone version, whereas 2.0.17 is the enhanced and somewhat harder
  to build version.

any suggestions on how to reformulate this text?  1.4.11 shall be
mentioned but not as prominent as today.

> 3. GnuPG for iOS: There might be some more options for us to bring
> GnuPG to the iPhone (if we find a developer). Maybe Werner wants to
> elaborate a bit on this.

I have no intention to voluntary work on this given that this platform
pretty much locks out all kind of free software.  For example see the
recent problems with vlc.

> 4. PKA and GPGMail/ABKey: There is the desire to simplify GnuPG mail

I'll comment o this later.



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