[solved] Re: Unable to compile GnuPG 2.1 beta 3

Werner Koch wk at gnupg.org
Wed Jan 11 20:20:36 CET 2012


after some private mails, we finally found the bug:

commit 30ec869b8c63f1edcc58110ed20b83b0e77248f8 

    gpg: Fix segv with RSA_S keys.
    * g10/misc.c (pubkey_get_npkey, pubkey_get_nskey)
    (pubkey_get_nsig, pubkey_get_nenc): Map all RSA algo ids to
    The problem is that Libgcrypt has no more support for the alternate
    RSA ids and thus if asking for the number of parameters, they will
    return zero.  Now, this leads to packing the key parameters into an
    opaque MPI but because the algorithm id is actually known to GPG, it
    assumes valid RSA parameters.
    An example key with RSA_S is 0x5434509D.



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