Format of exported subkeys from gnupg

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Sat Jul 21 00:09:54 CEST 2012


I'm with the Guardian Project, picking up where Hans left off last year
[0] in an attempt to integrate OTR  keys as subkeys in gnupg.

Guardian is working on a OTR key conversion utility [1] to convert
between the myriad formats of OTR keys (all DSA btw).

In order to do this I need access to the raw DSA parameters: p, q, g, y
and x.

My question is how can I take the output produced by
--export-secret-keys and access those 5 numbers?

Inversely, how can I take 5 numbers and produce an importable file to
import OTR subkeys into a master key?

I've been poking around in g10/export.c in gnupg2, and see that it is
using s-expressions internally. It looks like I might need to roll my
owner parser and writer, is there any documentation on this format?

Alternatively, if I could mangle the exported data into an openssl
format, I could use existing openssl tools to pull out the data I need.

gpgsm exports p12, but I can't see how to make it work with gpg subkeys.

Any advice in this area would be much appreciated.



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