gpgme_data_seek with SEEK_END on memory-based data fails

Leo Gaspard ekleog at
Sun Jul 29 20:25:21 CEST 2012

On 29/07/2012 11:41, Werner Koch wrote:
> Let us know if you think gpgme works correct for you now so that we can
> do a new release right in time for Debian Wheezy.

Hello Werner,

I didn't compile gpgme on my own, and so can't tell you whether it works for 
sure. Moreover, I didn't implement the whole GPGME interface in JS at the 
moment, and so can't tell whether there are any other issue with anything after 
manual section 7.5.4.

But the two issues I noticed should now be fixed, according to what I saw in the 
commits. I removed them from my tests, waiting for the release to come in 
archlinux's repositories, but all the other tests work right.

However, before a release, I'd like t know... is there a way to get/set through 
GPGME the keyserver used by the context ? I figured out that there is a GPGCONF 
protocol used by GPGME, but didn't find any documentation on how to use it. 
(BTW, it is not in the doc, only in the code, so that could be the answer)
If there isn't yet, it could be an interesting feature to add before the 
release, as it isn't yet a really featureful release, isn't it ?
If this feature isn't there yet, and you think it might be useful (as I do), 
maybe might I help by writing a patch for it ? (just looked at the source, looks 
like this would require adding gpgme_get|set_keyserver, adding a const char 
*keyserver property in the context, and adding a flag check to gpg_encrypt_sign 
& co.).
However, I wouldn't be able to write the patch before 15 days, as I'm going to 
take an aikido course in Japan. :D

Cheers & HTH,


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