Openpgp card handling depending on manufacturer?

Klaus Flittner klaus at
Sun Nov 4 22:46:32 CET 2012


since i read that gpg2 now officially supports 4096 bit keys with the
openpgp cards i tested it with a different implementation of the card
and noticed something really strange. If i set the manufacturer field
of the card to 5 (Zeitcontrol) generating of a 4096 bit key using gpg2
--card-edit works as expected.
If i change only the manufacturer field to 1 or 2 (others i did not
test) generating stops after approximately 10 seconds with an timeout in
libusb_block_transfer (but only for 4096 bit keys, 3072 and lower works
as expected).
Is there some code in gnupg that depends on the manufacturer of the card?

Kind regards,
Klaus Flittner

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