Issue1402 - gpg-protect-tool doesn't pass DISPLAY to agent

Gaetan Bisson bisson at
Fri Oct 12 05:48:42 CEST 2012

Dear GnuPG developers,

I was wondering if you had made a decision regarding:

The reporter suggested a simple patch, but apparently could not find the
time to explain it; however he has done so concisely there:

	"The problem was gpg-protect-tool (PKCS#12 helper called by
	gpgsm to decrypt the source bundle) was not initialising
	session_env properly and that prevented
	send_pinentry_environment() from doing its job (passing relevant
	environment vars like DISPLAY to agent and in turn, pinentry),
	so pinentry-qt had no clue which X session to use and either
	bailed out or possibly popped the curses fallback interface

I believe Fedora has applied that patch to their recent packages, and we
(Arch Linux) are contemplating doing the same as our users have been
hitting the same issue lately. But I wanted to double check the status
of that patch with you before actually applying it.



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