NeuG 0.04

NIIBE Yutaka gniibe at
Tue Oct 30 02:25:58 CET 2012

NeuG version 0.04 is out.

NeuG is an implementation of True Random Number Generator for
STM32F103, which is based on quantization error of ADC.

NeuG device is designed for "full entropy source", and it is useful
when you need more entropy, such as generating GnuPG keys, or using

Using Askbot, I created a Q&A site for FST-01, Gnuk, and NeuG.  Please
ask your questions there: 

There are only questions for FST-01 and Gnuk, currently, but questions
for NeuG are also welcome.

Here are the highlights of changes.

* Update of ChibiOS/RT

  ChibiOS/RT is updated to newer 2.4.3.

* Improved performance

  Improvement on generation speed, even when it's _not_ connected to
   USB 2.0 Hub.

* Health tests run for NEUG_MODE_RAW

  Health tests run when NEUG_MODE_RAW (CRC32 filter output).

* More runtime info: tool/ 

  Now, we can observe max counts of repeat count test, adaptive
  propotion test 64, and adaptive propotion test 4096.

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