Kleo/Kgpg most complete in Linuxmagazin review, gpa and pinentry problems

Bernhard Reiter bernhard at intevation.de
Thu Apr 4 09:29:43 CEST 2013

Hi GnuPG-Devs,

Linuxmagazin 05/2013, pp50-54 has a GnuPG Frontend test in German.

The duo Kgpg/Kleopatra provides the most complete set of functions.
Seahorse is recommended for unexperienced end users.
Also reviewed were GPA and Pyrite.

There are a number of shortcoming listed that should be considered
for instance the password quality in pinentry-qt that supposetly
reports "123456789" as high quality password.
Is this really the case, can we fix this?

GPA did not offer 2048 bits and writes an empty file when exorting several 
certificates. There also was a reproducable crash on OpenSuse 12.3.

If we want GnuPG to succeed, we should improve our frontends.
What they did not test was, how the frontend connected to the backend.
To my knowledge GPA and Kleo use the recommened way with gpgme.
Kgpg does not, which often poses problems when used with gpg2 and gpg.
What about Seahorse and Pyrite?

My hope is that Kleo gets improved to fully replace Kgpg some day.

Best Regards,

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