2.0.20 beta available

Werner Koch wk at gnupg.org
Wed Apr 24 21:40:51 CEST 2013


it is now more than a year since we released 2.0.19.  Thus it is really
time to get 2.0.20 out of the door.  If you want to quickly try a beta
you may use:


Please send bug reports only to the mailing list.

Noteworthy changes in version 2.0.20 (unreleased)

 * The hash algorithm is now printed for sig records in key listings.

 * Decryption using smartcards keys > 3072 bit does not work.

 * New meta option ignore-invalid-option to allow using the same
   option file by other GnuPG versions.

 * [gpg] Skip invalid keyblock packets during import to avoid a DoS.

 * [gpg] Correctly handle ports from DNS SRV records.

 * [gpg-agent] Avoid tty corruption when killing pinentry.

 * [scdaemon] Rename option --disable-keypad to --disable-pinpad.

 * [scdaemon] Better support for CCID readers.  Now, the internal CCID
   driver supports readers without the auto configuration feature.

 * [scdaemon] Add pinpad input for PC/SC, if your reader has pinpad
   and it supports variable length PIN input, and you specify
   --enable-pinpad-varlen option.

 * [scdaemon] New option --enable-pinpad-varlen.

 * [scdaemon] Install into libexecdir to avoid accidental execution
   from the command line.

The code also builds for Windows and we plan to do a Gpg4win release
soon after 2.0.20.



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