SHA3 IANA registration - method?

Philippe Cerfon philcerf at
Mon Apr 29 02:34:07 CEST 2013

A bit late perhaps and also somewhat OT (especially as this is
gnupg-devel not openpgp)... but anyway most active OpenPGP folks seem
to read here as well.

If there was a redesign of the OpenPGP formats along with e.g. SHA3,
it would make sense to generalise all a bit, e.g.:
1) much more property fields that describe the key holder
E.g. place/date of birth, colour of eyes, size, etc. also current
properties like the name should be made better (an probably decoupled
from the mail), like family name, surname(s), titles and styles and
properties for names of non-western cultures... etc. pp. perhaps also
one (or more) "common name" which is the most common representation of
a key holders name (e.g. <surnames> <family name>)... further things
like email addresses, chat accounts, etc.
Same for the image, what does it show? The key holder? His
fingerprint? And eye scan? His heraldic emblem?
Perhaps also fields that are suited for key usage where the owner is
no a person (but e.g. a webserver).

2) The UID should no longer be the name but rather a string which
semi-uniqly identifies the key in the realm where it will be used,
with probably a recommendation, that on global scope this should be an
email adress (although then without the name).

3) IMHO, everything should be tightened up a bit, e.g. things like the
critical-flag should become the default and rather a non-critical flag
should be introduced. Unknown sig subpackets should be generally
considered to be critical. etc. pp.


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