A wiki for GnuPG and related topics?

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Sun Jan 6 21:07:50 CET 2013

Am So 06.01.2013, 20:06:29 schrieb Bernhard Reiter:

> > > It takes a bit to maintain, spam fighting
> > 
> > Really? If editing requires an OpenPGP key? ;-)
> If this can be done in a way that it is not posing a high burden for
> contributors, why not? :)

I don't know anything about wiki administration but I would be very surprised 
if it was not possible to configure a wiki so that account registration 
requires manual approval. What are we talking about, one additional user per 
week? Hard to believe that anyone would NOT edit an OpenPGP / GnuPG wiki just 
because he has so send a signed email. This would even be a privacy advantage 
as it would not be necessary to register an email address if you can register 
a key (one or more) instead (sending the required data via some web contact 

I would offer to make the translation into German. This would make it more 
convenient to link pages relevant to beginners from my page. :-)

BTW: I haven't understood why this is supposed to be an issue for the devel 
list and not the users list. I guess there are a lot more people on the users 
list. Werner, still reading? ;-) , is that correct?

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