GnuPG default in OpenSuse (Re: A wiki for GnuPG and related topics?)

Bernhard Reiter bernhard at
Mon Jan 7 21:02:40 CET 2013

Am Samstag, 5. Januar 2013, 12:58:18 schrieb Hauke Laging:
> > To give one example I recently saw Kontact on OpenSuse 12.2

Actually it may be OpenSuse 12.1, I'm not sure about the update status.

> > where they stil are unable to start a gnupg-agent by default.
> > Simple thing that worsens the experience a lot.
> Really? In which way? 

When using GnuPG2, which all applications should do, with a few minor 
exceptions, I believe a gnupg-agent should be started early in a user
session, so that all applications and terminal will inherit the 

It leads to: passphrase caching throughout the session.
And S/MIME working correctly at all.
Of either does not work, the user will have a hard time to improve the 
situation. First: It is hard to diagnose the issue, especially on badly 
working S/MIME and then it is hard to start an agent early in the user 
session, because it is different for all GNU distributions and even harder 
on windows or mac.

> I am annoyed because it seems not to be possible
> to  configure openSUSE to start gpg-agent with SSH. Instead ssh-agent
> is started as a seperate process. IIRC this was different in earlier
> versions. I admit I have not complained about that in the bugtracking
> system yet.

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