Supporting fixed length keypad input

Werner Koch wk at
Thu Jan 10 09:31:14 CET 2013

On Thu, 10 Jan 2013 02:03, gniibe at said:

> 	agent: Add pin length field to the shadowed private key format.
> I thought that you had intended to cache PIN length information
> together with card S/N in user's shadowed secret key, under control
> of GPG-Agent.

Sorry, I can't remember why I implemented that.

> I think that we need an option for gpg to enable/disable use of keypad
> for particular card usage.  SCDaemon would inquire this option to gpg

Note that we use smartcards also with gpgsm.

> have any preference.  I tend to use "keypad" because there are
> functions implemented with _keypad suffix, but "pinpad" would
> be better as it looks more common word.

I think pinpad is better.  Let's rename the fucntions.



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