New trust system?

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You should also be interested about what we have specified and we
already used, to create human based digital currencies.

I mind particularly the "udid2" (cf. the comments on my certificate).
Specification :

Our web portal :

On Mon, 01 Jul 2013 15:19:36 +0000
Zwiebelcode <Zwiebelcode at> wrote:

> Hello gpg developers,
> i heard, that some people are working on a new trust system for gpg. I
> would like to ask if you maybe could give me more details about that.
> I am interessted in this, because I work on OpenIdent, which wants to be
> a digital alternative to governmental issued passports. In contrast to
> governmental systems, the digital passports shall have a higher
> forgery-protections, a strong pseudonymization and multiple contexts.
> This will provide high privacy.
> If you want to read more about that:
> Would be nice to hear something about your new trust system.
> Thanks,
> Zwiebelcode
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