Decrypting with ECDH: no secret key

Werner Koch wk at
Wed Jun 26 18:52:32 CEST 2013

On Wed, 26 Jun 2013 18:07, daniele.athome at said:

> However, if I try to export it, gpg2 outputs the key "correctly",
> without the subkey, printing this warning:
> gpg: key F08342D6/0AF4E702: error receiving key from agent: Bad secret
> key - skipped

Are you using the old beta tarball or a build from master?  If the
latetr it would be good to see the log output from all tools:  Add

  log-file socket:///foo/bar/S.log
  debug 1024

to gpg-agent.conf and gpg.conf.  Then run 

  watchgnupg --time-only --force /foo/bar/S.log | tee gnupg.log

on another tty.

> When re-importing the exported secret key in another keyring, the same
> issue: hash mark after ssb.

Yes, because the subkey is missing but the public key is available and
has a corresponding private primary key.

> gpg-agent was started in a custom environment (--homedir) and
> GNUPGHOME set accordingly.

An easy way to debug this is to use

  GNUPGHOME=$(pwd) gpg-agent --daemon /bin/bash

in a test directory und use this shell for all tests.

> By the way: I don't know if it's normal, pinentry asked me the key
> password twice during the export.

Should not as long as the primart key and the subkeys alluse the same



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