Issues compiling git version

Werner Koch wk at
Thu Jun 27 09:37:44 CEST 2013

On Wed, 26 Jun 2013 22:55, alphazo at said:
> One last thing, I got the following recommendations from someone on
> ArchLinux AUR in order to build the package:

I just updated some stuff to be prepared for newer automake versions.
However, newer automakes will default to parallel tests and that won't
work with gnupg.  Unfortunately it is not possible to use "serial-tests"
with automake 1.11 because it prints an annoying warning.  If you want
to use automake 1.13 you need to add that option to
yourself; just grep for serial-tests.

> sed -i 's/doc, yes/doc, no/g'

You better install the transfig package.

> autoreconf -fiv --force

Please don't do that.  From README.GIT:

  Please don't use autopoint, libtoolize or autoreconf unless you are
  the current maintainer and want to update the standard configuration
  files.  All those files should be in GIT and only updated manually
  if the maintainer decides that newer versions are required.  The

Using "./ --force" is the suggested way to build configure.



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