Aw: Re: Re: Pinpad support for REINER SCT cyberJack go

Alina Friedrichsen x-alina at
Mon Mar 11 12:15:01 CET 2013


> > I build a zombie version GnuPG 2.0.19 with the scdaemon from the stable git.
> I'm sorry, I can't understand what this means and/or what you intend
> to do that.

Running GnuPG 2.0.19 with the scdaemon from the stable git.

> > And yes, I can confirm signing with pinpad doesn't work with this reader, too.
> Thanks.  But, it is difficult for me to do some useful work, given
> this information.
> Could you please follow proper steps to build, install, and test?
> Your cooperation is needed, here.
> If it is difficult for you, please just wait 2.0.20.
> If you want, please get STABLE-BRANCH-2-0 branch from the Git
> repository, and build and install following README.GIT.
> Testing another version, it is better to do:
> (1) Make temporary working directory.  Such as: /var/tmp/gpg-test.
> (2) Make a file for Scdaemon configuration, with the content:

I use the internal CCID driver now.

> ---------------------------- /var/tmp/ggp-test/scdaemon.conf
> debug-level guru
> debug-all
> log-file /var/tmp/scd.log
> debug-ccid-driver
> ----------------------------
> (3) Run GPG-agent in terminal:
>     $ gpg-agent --homedir=/var/tmp/gpg-test --daemon /bin/bash
> Then, use this shell session for your test.
>   $ gpg2 --card-status
>   $ gpg2 --card-edit
> (3-1) Run "verify" in the session of --card-edit

pinentry say I should enter the PIN on the Pinpad, but the pinpad don't react. It still shows the home screen.

> (3-2) Run "passwd" in the session of --card-edit

The same.

> (3-3) Become Admin and do key generation in the session of --card-edit
> (3-4) Exit from the session of --card-edit
> (3-5) Do signing, etc.

I can't do that. I have only one GnuPG card and I need the keys on it.


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