Aw: Re: Pinpad support for REINER SCT cyberJack go

NIIBE Yutaka gniibe at
Mon Mar 11 00:59:53 CET 2013


On 2013-03-10 at 19:30 +0100, Alina Friedrichsen wrote:
> I build a zombie version GnuPG 2.0.19 with the scdaemon from the stable git.

I'm sorry, I can't understand what this means and/or what you intend
to do that.

> And yes, I can confirm signing with pinpad doesn't work with this reader, too.

Thanks.  But, it is difficult for me to do some useful work, given
this information.

Could you please follow proper steps to build, install, and test?
Your cooperation is needed, here.

If it is difficult for you, please just wait 2.0.20.

If you want, please get STABLE-BRANCH-2-0 branch from the Git
repository, and build and install following README.GIT.

Testing another version, it is better to do:

(1) Make temporary working directory.  Such as: /var/tmp/gpg-test.
(2) Make a file for Scdaemon configuration, with the content:

---------------------------- /var/tmp/ggp-test/scdaemon.conf
debug-level guru
log-file /var/tmp/scd.log

(3) Run GPG-agent in terminal:

    $ gpg-agent --homedir=/var/tmp/gpg-test --daemon /bin/bash

Then, use this shell session for your test.

  $ gpg2 --card-status
  $ gpg2 --card-edit

(3-1) Run "verify" in the session of --card-edit

(3-2) Run "passwd" in the session of --card-edit

(3-3) Become Admin and do key generation in the session of --card-edit

(3-4) Exit from the session of --card-edit

(3-5) Do signing, etc.


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