gpg4win pinentry ignores pinpad

Martin Wolters wolters.mar at
Sat Oct 26 00:10:05 CEST 2013

Am 25.10.2013 10:25, schrieb Andre Heinecke:
> I'm taking over the building for Windows questions ;)
> There is a conveniance option in all the gnupg packages: [...] 
> Repeat for all dependencies you need for gnupg.
> And it should work.

Ok, I misinterpreted the documentation and thought, I only needed to do
that once for the complete package. It was quite an oddyssey and with
little reward, but I got a working scdaemon.exe.

To do that, I had to patch npth-0.91. I am not sure if the bug is in
scdaemon, because it crashed on dereferenced NULL pointers, but I found
validating them couldn't hurt, so I changed the library. Also, there was
a bug in the build system. The patch is here:

CC to wk at as I reckon he's the maintainer.

I needed to make a minor modification in scd to get it to build. The
function pcsc_vendor_specific_init was called before being declared. The
fix is trivial.

So after an evening worth of work, I ran my new scdaemon.exe, only to
see it fail again. Log:

Have a good time,

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