How to help with GnuPG documentation?

Werner Koch wk at
Sat Sep 7 12:45:11 CEST 2013


On Fri,  6 Sep 2013 15:31, amk at said:
> I'd like to help with updating GnuPG's documentation and/or the web
> site.  What tasks need to be done?  I'm happy to write new material,
> check that existing text and examples are still correct for GnuPG 2,
> convert the documentation from one format to another, update the FAQ,

Right, the documentation is pretty old.  There are a lot of open tasks;
see below.

> For example, I noticed the GNU Privacy Handbook has a copyright date
> of 1999.  Does it need updating for current versions of GnuPG?  If yes,
> where is the master Texinfo source?  I've been unable to locate it.

The problem with the GPH is that we put it under the GNU FDL which turns
out to be a real problem for reuse.  I'd love to change this to
CC-by-sa/GPL - I just have not come around to ask the FSF to allow for
that.  I have recently been in contact with Mike Ashley, who wrote the
GPH and he agrees that this will be good move.

There is also another book: The Gpg4win Compendium (German and English
version) which has quite some interesting stuff in it.  It suffers from
the same FDL problem.  Here I already contacted the copyright holders
and it seems that we will eventually be able to change the license.

The most important thing to do is to give the a fresh
look.  The site is based on WML which is not exactly easy to maintained
or use.  I have already started to change that by converting the
rendered HTML pages to org-mode.  Most existing pages have now been
converted but a menu system and a new CSS is missing.  I have not yet
pushed the new org-mode based pages but can do this soon.  Although we
need to maintain the old links (because they are references a lot) we
should add some more information targeted to an average use.  For the
old pages a simple note at the top, that the info below is probably out
of dated will make sense.

The FAQ has been converted to org-mode and is part of GnuPG proper; it
is easy to update but it needs more stuff.  Fortunately Robert Hansen
worked on a new FAQ and we should merge the existing stuff with his new



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