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Hi Thomas,

On Sunday 08 June 2014 at 02:24:38, Thomas Jakway wrote:
> Hi! I'm a programmer who wants to learn more about getting involved in
> GnuPG. I use the program on a daily basis and feel like I should
> contribute back. Does anyone have any tips or advice for getting
> involved on the project? GnuPG is a large project and it's pretty
> daunting without knowing where to start.

welcome to the GnuPG Initiative!
Your help is appreciated!

In my experience, best is to start in an area where you have an interest in.

If you would like to help with the software engineering,
my hints are:
a) you can try to build GnuPG on your platform of choice
 a.1) run the tests
 a.2) think up a new test case and code it (difficult)

b) try to answer a technical question on gnupg-devel or one of the users 
  b.1) pick a question where you need to verify by code reading that this is 
actually the case
  b.2) write an example application to demonstrate the point (difficult)

c) write blog entry tutorial about how to use gpgme to do something

or (extra difficult)
d) go to the issue tracker, pick an issue with a patch and try to 
push the envelope. E.g. by building the patch, testing it, write a comment.

Best Regards,

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