gpgme_get_sub_protocol() returning gpgme_protocol_t instead of gpgme_error_t?

Albert Chin gnupg-devel at
Mon Mar 10 21:43:43 CET 2014

src/gpgme.c has:
  gpgme_get_sub_protocol (gpgme_ctx_t ctx)
    TRACE2 (DEBUG_CTX, "gpgme_get_sub_protocol", ctx,
            "ctx->sub_protocol=%i (%s)", ctx->sub_protocol,
            gpgme_get_protocol_name (ctx->sub_protocol)
            ? gpgme_get_protocol_name (ctx->sub_protocol) : "invalid");

    return ctx->sub_protocol;

but sub_protocol is of type:
  struct gpgme_context

    /* Engine's sub protocol.  */
    gpgme_protocol_t sub_protocol;


So why doesn't isn't gpgme_get_sub_protocol declared to return
gpgme_protocol_t instead?

albert chin (china at

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