large keyring refresh fails with gpg 2.1.0: "Too many objects"

Daniel Kahn Gillmor dkg at
Thu Nov 6 23:39:09 CET 2014

hi GnuPG folks--

I have a large keyring with 2.5K OpenPGP keys in it.

With GnuPG 2.0.x and 1.4.x, i am able to refresh the whole thing with:

 gpg --refresh

with 2.1.0, that command produces this error:

gpg: refreshing 2532 keys from hkp://
gpg: keyserver refresh failed: Too many objects

I could use a tool like parcimonie [0] to refresh them one at a time, in
the background, but that takes even longer.  in some contexts, it would
be nice to just have a single, full refresh happen as fast as possible.

Is there a recommended way to refresh all the keys from a large keyring
like this, or at least to conveniently chunk the requests into an
acceptable number of objects at a time?


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