autoreconf from tarballs produces beta

Werner Koch wk at
Fri Nov 7 10:38:54 CET 2014

On Thu,  6 Nov 2014 20:54, dkg at said:

> This beta indication comes from the test for the presence of .git in
> ./, which sets beta=yes if there is no .git directory.

Well, if the release tag can't be found what shall we do - beta seems to
better than claiming it is the "real release"  If you want your own
version numbers you need to chnage some more parts.

> One common debian packaging practice is to use autoreconf during the

I never use autroreconf because it introduces too many variants into the
build process.  Better live with the autoconf file present in the repo
and update them only once in a while.

If your concern is config.{guess,sub} et al. you may manuallay update
them.  I do this from time to time and try to make sure that all GnuypG
related packages use the same version.

> I plan to apply the following simple patch to so that debian
> package doesn't present itself as a beta:

Okay, should work.  I would still suggest to use the tarball and apply
the patches on top of the tarball.  There should be no need to run
autoconf - but well, if it is a Debian decision it is up to you.

> I don't know whether that's something that you want applied upstream as
> well or not (or if you want people building from the tarball to by

Definitely not.  autotools are maintainer only and are not expected to
be run for build.



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