scd: Fix varargs call for 64-bit arch on ECC keys

Werner Koch wk at
Tue Jan 27 11:21:35 CET 2015

On Tue, 27 Jan 2015 03:49, gniibe at said:

>     (ecc_writekey): Likewise.  Add suffix 'L' for constant of size_t.

'L' indicates a long but we need a size_t.  On 64 bit Windows we have

  sizeof(int)    == 4
  sizeof(long)   == 4
  sizeof(size_t) == 8

thus using

  curve == CURVE_ED25519 ? (size_t)10
  : curve == CURVE_NIST_P256? (size_t)9 : (size_t)6,
  ecc_q, ecc_q_len, "\x03\x01\x08\x07", (size_t)4);

would be correct.  Or we change store_fpr to take an int.



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