Two Bugs Affecting with GnuPG 2.1.1

Jason A. Donenfeld Jason at
Wed Jan 28 14:54:15 CET 2015

Hello Werner,

We're running into two bugs with our test harness on GnuPG 2.1.1. I'm
attaching gnupg-home.tar.xz, containing a gnupg/ folder for use as:
    export GNUPGHOME="/path/to/gnupg/"

== Bug 1: --with-colons output is garbled ==

$ gpg --list-config --with-colons

As you can see, the key IDs that are supposed to be part of the
cfg:group keys are printed first. I believe this is due to some
buffering issues inside GnuPG. Remember to call flush at the right

== Bug 2: gpg-agent/pinentry called when it shouldn't be ==

The keys in the attached GnuPG home folder do not have passphrases
(they're used in a test harness). On GnuPG 2.0, the following
succeeds. On GnuPG 2.1, the following fails.

$ unset DISPLAY
$ echo hello > signme
$ gpg -s signme </dev/null
gpg: signing failed: Operation cancelled
gpg: signing failed: Operation cancelled

GnuPG should *not* prompt for a passphrase when keys are not protected
with passphrases.

Looking forward to seeing these fixed in 2.1.2.

Jason Donenfeld
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