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Ben McGinnes ben at
Thu Jun 25 18:41:55 CEST 2015

On 24/06/2015 5:10 pm, Bernhard Reiter wrote:
> On Tuesday 23 June 2015 at 17:20:33, Ben McGinnes wrote:
>>> thanks for caring for the python3 bindings!
>>> Can you add the python3 version to
>>> so we can keep the overview there?
>> Sure.  Also, it reminds me I've a little tweaking of it left after all.
> Thanks!

It was added a day or two ago.

>> I've also given more thought to its eventual replacement after GPGME
>> gets its overhaul 
> Just as a hint:
> If you want, you can always use as a scratch book
> for design ideas or anything else. 

Yeah, wikis are good for both that and for collaboration when a thing
reaches the point where that stops being a distraction and starts
being useful.  Before that point I'm often fond of anything with no
reliance on browsers and actually a quiet corner of a docs directory
of a branch of a repo often works wonders there.  It even, if
necessary, tracks the evolution of any ideas had along the way.

> Personally I believe that results of longer thoughts are more
> accessible when saved in the wiki, because it allows to have a
> concise documented and a history, while the email list tends more to
> be a stream of discussion where you need to participate to get the
> context, so old emails are less well understood than a concise wiki
> page.

Yeah, I've found similar results with text (mainly markdown or reST)
within a repo because it puts me in the frame of mind to write
documentation, even if that's more just feeling out the scope of a
thing.  So that's what I've started with for the future thing and I'll
bring it to the wiki when I've got a clearer idea of what I'm
bringing.  Plus I can write even when my DSL connection is being a bit
dodgy and not worry about losing anything.


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