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Werner Koch wk at
Thu May 7 20:43:35 CEST 2015

On Thu,  7 May 2015 20:13, neal at said:

> I think the icons are backwards.  The ***s should be shown when the
> password is revealed and abc should be shown when the password is

Okay.  I was not sure.  The asterisks indicate that they will be
displayed in the entry but I agree that this is a reverse logic.  The
gtk_switch might be a better widget here but it is only available in
newer GTk versions and it requires a lot more space.

> I think it is important that the button not be in the tabbing order to
> prevent accidentally selecting it.

I was thinking about this too.  It could be put before the entry in the
tabbing order but that would be a strange experience for the user.  Only
allowing to use it with the mouse is also not the best idea for
accesibility.  Thus we need an accelerator key - but which one?

We can als add an option to gpg-agent to unhide the passphrase by

> Alternatively or in addition, it might make sense to pop up a dialog
> asking the user if she really wants to reveal her password.

That would be annoying.



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