python bindings for libassuan

Ben McGinnes ben at
Fri May 8 15:29:04 CEST 2015

On 7/05/2015 8:05 am, Daniel Kahn Gillmor wrote:
> hey folks--
> i've taken a first stab at writing python bindings for libassuan.  If
> you're interested, you can look at them here:
>   git clone git://

Excellent, I'll definitely take a peek at that.  Did you opt for
ctypes, the plain Python C-API or one of the other solutions?

> I've targeted Python 3, and haven't bothered to try to make it work on
> Python 2.x.

As long as it doesn't get too complex you can probably get Python 2.7
covered by including the UTF-8 encoding near the top of each file and
including "from __future__ import unicode_literals".

> Feedback is welcome, as are other contributions (tuning the bindings
> for a server workflow would be particularly nice).  I've licensed it
> LGPL-2.1+, since that matches most of libassuan.  I could probably
> be convinced by reasonable arguments to select a different license,
> or to just give the bindings directly to the GnuPG project, if
> people want that.

LGPL 2.1+ is good, we want people to switch to things like this or
GPGME.  If it is not provided with a permissive enough license then
people will continue to use python-gnupg with its subprocess calls to
the gpg binary.  Do you really want that?

Didn't think so.  ;)


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