GPGME pyme branch ready to merge with master

Ben McGinnes ben at
Sat May 16 22:26:26 CEST 2015

	As the subject indicates, the pyme branch in the GPGME repo is
ready to be merged with master.  It will almost certainly produce a
bunch of PEP8 complaints about trailing whitespace, but this is
primarily due to checking files it shouldn't be checking, like the
license files, documentation and the big one is the text copy of the
decade or so of Python 2 PyME commit logs.  Just ignore the lot (there
will be a very small number of unported scripts amongst the examples
also in this category, which is explained in the current commit log
and in the Examples.rst file).

Should there be anything in the actual module also raising an error
like this, it's nothing that will actually affect the function of the
module, not given the ported example code and what it's been doing for
the last several hours.  It's at least as good as the current Python 2
version and a little better than what can be installed by Python 2
users from PyPI.

Installation of this version is identical to a manual installation of
the original, by running "python3 install" in the py3-pyme/
directory in lang/ and methods of calling it match the original in all
ways except for those differences mandated by the switch from Python 2
to 3.  The majority of this is the change in strings from ASCII to
byte encoded, but Python 3 developers will already be treating all
their strings appropriately for this anyway.  The module is still
installed as pyme and imported by that name, which will not interfere
with any existing installation of the module for Python 2.


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