GPGME pyme branch ready to merge with master

Ben McGinnes ben at
Wed May 20 18:54:09 CEST 2015

On 19/05/2015 12:10 am, Daniel Kahn Gillmor wrote:
> On Sat 2015-05-16 16:26:26 -0400, Ben McGinnes wrote:
>> 	As the subject indicates, the pyme branch in the GPGME repo is
>> ready to be merged with master.  It will almost certainly produce a
>> bunch of PEP8 complaints about trailing whitespace, but this is
>> primarily due to checking files it shouldn't be checking, like the
>> license files, documentation and the big one is the text copy of the
>> decade or so of Python 2 PyME commit logs.
> Is there a reason to keep the trailing whitespace in the commit logs,
> license files, and documentation?  If there's no reason that we need it,
> i would say clear it out so that legit PEP8 complaints don't get lost in
> the noise.

That's done and I'm postponing the merge until I've trawled through
the rest.  There are a couple of scripts I'll have to remove
temporarily and they're Igor's massive GUI ones.  Porting and fixing
them properly will actually take more work than porting the entire
module did, go figure.  Plus it doesn't help that he relied on a gtk
module which isn't in PyPI and I've no idea where it came from or if
there's more than one or whatever.

Obviously those scripts will remain in Martin's python 2 incarnation
(and thus on PyPI), as they will continue to exist on the github repo
I used between the fork from Martin's work (on bitbucket) and bringing
it over here.  Which is another way of saying; nothing is lost, but
some of it needs to be diverted for a time.

> (i personally see no problem with "altering the historical record"
> of commit logs by stripping trailing whitespace as long as it's
> documented clearly in the revision control history)

Yeah, makes sense and I can cope with pushing back the "it's ready for
people to try to break it" date for a little while.  Though there will
still be silly errors popping up which will need to be ignored.
Things like complaining of "missing whitespace around operator" in
reST files because the "=" sign or the "-" sign are used for headings.

Anyway, I've got a slight distraction at the moment (i.e. PPAU work;
gotta get stuck into developing a DV policy and that is rather
important), but this work will be able to fall back into place around
that within a week or so and continue from there.


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