Smartcard Hotplug?

NIIBE Yutaka gniibe at
Wed Nov 4 01:48:58 CET 2015

Hello, Marc, thank you for your time.

On 11/04/2015 09:22 AM, Marc Mercer wrote:
> Manufacturer .....: Yubico

OK.  That's Yubikey.  I'm going to reproduce with Yubikey.  (My claim
in the previous mail (saying no problem) is not for Yubikey, but other

Yubikey has applications other than GnuPG.  For authentication, there
are OTP and UDF.  I think that it is likely those features interfere

Do you install some other packages for OTP/UDF/PIV?  Are there any
difference between your Fedora and Mac OS/X with regards to
OTP/UDF/PIV usage?

> Unfortunately, I cannot get scdaemon to output any debug logs.  I have
> adjusted the path, killed and restarted the scdaemon (or rather, let gpg2
> restart it), etc.  No output data via that medium.  (Have used
> /var/run/user/myuid/scd-debug.log,  ~/.gnupg/scd-debug.log and a few
> others,  no change -- no logs)

Actually, killing scdaemon is a bit difficult (we need to invoke kill
two times).  If it's 2.1.x, please do: gpgconf reload scdaemon

Also, let me try with my Yubikey.

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