Smartcard Hotplug?

Marc Mercer mmercer at
Wed Nov 4 02:03:22 CET 2015

I have both yubikey and "cryptostick" (now called NitroKey), and both
behave the same way.

I have not configured them for OTP/U2F or any of their other supported
methods/protocols, only use them for ssh authentication, for now.

For OSX, its simply install gpg-tools via brew cask install, ( no changes
to the actual package, it just bundles it and makes it a cli install
instead of having to go, download, etc).  OSX is a slightly older version
though (2.0 branch).

I'll try the gpgconf reload scdaemon in a second.

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On Tue, Nov 3, 2015 at 4:48 PM, NIIBE Yutaka <gniibe at> wrote:

> Hello, Marc, thank you for your time.
> On 11/04/2015 09:22 AM, Marc Mercer wrote:
> > Manufacturer .....: Yubico
> OK.  That's Yubikey.  I'm going to reproduce with Yubikey.  (My claim
> in the previous mail (saying no problem) is not for Yubikey, but other
> OpenPGPcard/token.)
> Yubikey has applications other than GnuPG.  For authentication, there
> are OTP and UDF.  I think that it is likely those features interfere
> somehow.
> Do you install some other packages for OTP/UDF/PIV?  Are there any
> difference between your Fedora and Mac OS/X with regards to
> OTP/UDF/PIV usage?
> > Unfortunately, I cannot get scdaemon to output any debug logs.  I have
> > adjusted the path, killed and restarted the scdaemon (or rather, let gpg2
> > restart it), etc.  No output data via that medium.  (Have used
> > /var/run/user/myuid/scd-debug.log,  ~/.gnupg/scd-debug.log and a few
> > others,  no change -- no logs)
> Actually, killing scdaemon is a bit difficult (we need to invoke kill
> two times).  If it's 2.1.x, please do: gpgconf reload scdaemon
> Also, let me try with my Yubikey.
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