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RB aoz.syn at
Wed Oct 28 19:58:38 CET 2015

On Wed, Oct 28, 2015 at 8:08 AM, Joshua Rogers <git at> wrote:
> This is actually something that would likely help all FOSS projects.
> It would allow an "outsider" with no previous knowledge of developmental
> procedures outside of Github/internal/etc. practices to participate,
> without causing hassles of 1. not knowing what to do thus not doing it,
> and 2. not impeding on others to spoon feed them.
> It may be something I will write up in the future.

Normally I just lurk, but with Daniel's comment and your response I
couldn't just resist any more.

Write it up if you wish, but GnuPG follows the same development
process that existed for a large plurality of FOSS software prior to
Github.  These models work, and have for literally decades before
Github even existed; the only difference is the SCM has changed.

It's amusing and frustrating to see a wave of developers insisting
that any workflow but github must be backwards or nonexistent.
Emailed patchsets and communication prior to submission are a useful
workflow, especially for tools that must necessarily be conservative
in their development.  Just because you've gone through the motions of
forking a project on github and making your changes does not entitle
you to those changes moving upstream.  Most of these projects (Linux
kernel included) are benevolent dictatorships, not a bazaar, and with
good reason.  Communicate a little.


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