gpgme-w32spawn problem on Windows

Miguel Castrillo castrillo.miguel at
Mon Sep 21 14:40:44 CEST 2015

Thank you, now I see that I submitted multiple messages, thinking that
they were not arriving. Sorry for that...

I don't sure if I understand. As far as I know libgpgme*.dll is not
distributed. The same happens with the lib files. From gpgme source I
can get the headers, but in order to have .lib and .def files I had to
compile the gpgme source.

The gpg4win I installed provides libgpg-error-0.dll, appart from
others, but not libgpgme*.dll.

So maybe you mean to download gpg4win source and compile it under Linux?

2015-09-21 11:56 GMT+02:00 Werner Koch <wk at>:
> On Fri, 18 Sep 2015 16:16, castrillo.miguel at said:
>> First of all I have to ask that you CC me because my subscription request
>> is still not accepted.
> We had some problems with the list to a full disk state.  I had to
> remove all pending subscription requests, thus please try again if you
> did not received the confirmation request.
>> am running Visual Studio 2013 and I followed the instructions here
>> , comipling with Mingw32 on a Windows 32
>> machine, in order to get the def and lib files to link the DLL in implicit
> I have not looked at these instructions.  However some mingw versions
> are broken and I would not suggest to build on Windows but use the cross
> build tools.  I would also suggest to try the libgpgme*.dll from gpg4win
> and the distributed header and lib files and copy them to the directory
> of your application.  You also need to copy the matching helper program
> to that directory.
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