GpgME C++ / Qt language providers ready for merge?

Andre Heinecke aheinecke at
Mon Apr 11 19:17:49 CEST 2016


I've integrated the C++ and Qt Libraries for GpgME from the KDE Initiative as 
language provider into GpgME in the branch "gpgmepp".

I think that branch is now ready for a merge into master.

Build can be controlled by the --enable-languages configure option. So


Will build only the C library.

GpgMEpp is a C++ wrapper / binding around GpgME closely follows the API of 
GpgME itself. (Requires C++11)

QGpgME is more of a "Qt library" to work with GpgMEpp then a binding. Has a 
Job based Qt API that takes Qt data structures as gpgme data type providers. 
(Requires Qt5 and GpgMEpp)

The API is mostly compatible with KF5GpgMEpp and KF5QGpgME which
was released as part of KDE-Applications. Small changes might be caused by the 
removal of boost classes from public API as I've ported both libraries away 
from boost to c++11.

My current plan is to no longer release KF5GpgMEpp with KDE-Applications 16.08 
and depend on the libraries from GpgME for that release.


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