GpgME C++ / Qt language providers ready for merge?

Daniel Kahn Gillmor dkg at
Mon Apr 11 22:05:37 CEST 2016

On Mon 2016-04-11 13:17:49 -0400, Andre Heinecke wrote:

>   I've integrated the C++ and Qt Libraries for GpgME from the KDE Initiative as 
>   language provider into GpgME in the branch "gpgmepp".
>   I think that branch is now ready for a merge into master.
>   Build can be controlled by the --enable-languages configure option. So
>   --enable-languages=no
>   Will build only the C library.
>   GpgMEpp is a C++ wrapper / binding around GpgME closely follows the API of 
>   GpgME itself. (Requires C++11)
>   QGpgME is more of a "Qt library" to work with GpgMEpp then a binding. Has a 
>   Job based Qt API that takes Qt data structures as gpgme data type providers. 
>   (Requires Qt5 and GpgMEpp)
>   The API is mostly compatible with KF5GpgMEpp and KF5QGpgME which
>   was released as part of KDE-Applications. Small changes might be caused by the 
>   removal of boost classes from public API as I've ported both libraries away 
>   from boost to c++11.
>   My current plan is to no longer release KF5GpgMEpp with KDE-Applications 16.08 
>   and depend on the libraries from GpgME for that release.

looks reasonable to me.  I'm assuming that in debian, we'd have the
gpgme1.0 package (maintained by pkg-gnupg-maint) take over the binary
packages from the gpgmepp souce package (maintained by the Debian Qt/KDE
maintainers).  I've cc'ed both groups on this e-mail so that people are
aware of the situation.


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